What if you just forfeited your coffee?

   Brian has been on two trips to Guatemala with Little Lambs International. He went on the last trip to Guatemala in December, 2012. He agreed to share his experiences with us on this blog. Take a second to read about his experiences in Guatemala, and decide whether you feel called to go.  Visit us at: LittlelambsInternational.org to learn more

“A friend of mine asked me to go to Guatemala to help build an orphanage, my reply was “great, but I really can’t afford it right now, but thanks for thinking of me”. As I ended the call, my friend said, ”‘we’ll be praying for you to get the resources, and pray it will work out.” I agreed, and got out of my truck to go into a 5bucks coffee shop to spend $20 on coffee. I got in line to fix my coffee , and stood behind two guys talking. They were in the middle of a conversation about missions. Just then, it hit me, I’m concerned that I don’t have the money to go on this trip but I just spent $20 on coffee. At the same second these two guys, who ended up being pastors; were talking about missions trips. It was so clear to me, ‘you have the resources, you just need to put them in the right place’… it was on to Guatemala!


That was how I ended up going on my first trip to Jalapa back in June 2012, but that trip touched my heart and changed my eyes. I couldn’t wait for the next chance to get back there, and God opened that door again this past December. Not many people can do two missions trips in one year, but God can make anything happen. If God told me that day in the coffee shop that not only would God give me the resources for one experience in Guatemala but he’d provide for two; I don’t think I would have had enough faith to believe it.

The first trip to Guatemala was incredible. My eyes were opened to a beautiful country full of mountains, riches and yet abundant poverty. Then we went to the orphanage site. The hearts of the people in the village were just life changing. Coming from the States, to this small village, people who have less in means of ‘stuff’ but their hearts are fuller than anything I’ve ever experienced. It is another great reminder from God that the hearts of people are loving and caring no matter where you go.

Another great aspect of the trips has been seeing Gods plan of putting people together, creating a powerful team, to do His work and, creating bonding friendships that will last.

God uses every drop of every experience. I went to Guatemala thinking God was using my construction skills to build an orphanage, but He uses my heart more so to love on the kids, have them beat us daily in soccer matches, that is just priceless. It makes the construction part just a small part of a much bigger purpose. You think you go on a trip like this to help build something, but God builds something in you too.

Being a part of this project holds such a special place in my heart. To be a part of giving children a place to call home, off the streets, and a hope. That is our faith… Hope. A hope that children not to be homeless, and forgotten. These little ones in Guatemala have stolen my heart, and I just cannot NOT be a part of their future, building them a safe, warm place to call home. I’m so thankful that God picked me to be a part of Little Lambs orphanage project in Guatemala.”

Brian pictured above with two Guatemalan kids that live near the property.


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One Response to What if you just forfeited your coffee?

  1. Rose Sapp says:

    I had the privilege of being part of the December mission with Brian and several others. It was my first mission trip out of the US, but if God is willing, not my last. I was touched by the love and warmth of the people and by the way their warmth touched the mission team. I thought I was going on this trip to teach these people about God’s love for them – but I believe He taught me much more than I could ever teach them! Thanks Brian for sharing!

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